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The project "Improving the digital skills  of older people and distribution of Senior - tablets" is a unique project to tackle the consequences of the pandemic for the most vulnerable groups in Slovakia.

The main goal is to improve the digital skills of approximately 170,000 older people and people from disadvantaged background through a set of training sessions delivered both in-person and online.

In order to involve diverse groups of participants and recruit hard-to-reach populations, the training sessions will take part in various cities and towns across the whole country.

Upon successful completion of training, the participants will receive suitable technical equipment with a data plan to encourage them to continue using digital devices and develop their skills on their own.

Senior Senior

The project is implemented by the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Innovation of the Slovak Republic as investment of No. 7 Component 17 (Digital Slovakia) of the Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic.

The project ambassador, the actor Boris Farkaš will accompany you throughout the project.

Atmosphere of lectures

Peter Lievik

At first, I was afraid to learn new things, mainly of a technical nature, but as soon as the training started, the lecturers introduced me to the issue nicely and my desire to learn flared up again.

Peter Lievik Retiree - Bratislava

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